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What Is A Casting Call?


what is a casting call

A casting call for a model is the same thing as a modelling job basically. It's a notice which is made by an agency, that models are required for upcoming fashion shows, modelling events or promotional work. The casting call could be asking for a particular look of model, a certain height, shape or weight. It could be a modelling job requiring a whole family to act as extras in a TV advert or film, or it could be seeking individual models from a different country. The jobs advertised vary greatly and some days you may find something that will suit you down to the ground, or you may have to wait for days before anything interesting or remotely resembling your look is needed. It can be very frustrating for a model waiting for the next big thing to come along, but casting calls are just like going to the job centre and waiting for the right job to come along. The only difference here is that a casting call is temporary work, which makes it all the more exciting. You can wake up every morning and not know what modelling job will come up that day.

Casting calls and modelling jobs are notifications which can take place in many forms, through word-of-mouth, through your agent, through websites like UK model agencies. They are found  online in messages on bulletin boards, within modelling forums, or inside industry trade magazines. It's a model's job to always be on the ball, and it's those who keep their ear to the ground and eyes peeled who will get the most work. Casting calls and modelling jobs can be snapped up in an instant, so it is most important that a model never rests. I

Never just rely on your model agent to find you work - a successful model will always be on the lookout  - you don't want to let any opportunity pass you by and you may see something that your model agent has missed. If you are already doing freelance modelling then you already know how important it is to have as many sources to rely on, as many fingers in pies as you possibly can! Try to register your e-mail address, your contact details with relevant mailing lists. Speak to other models regularly and keep each other up to date. What might not suit you may suit someone you know so always help out when you can - you never know, the favour may be reciprocated one day. what is a casting call

Modelling jobs are very varied so always keep your options open. Don't dismiss any straight away, think through the possibilities, maybe it's a different type of modelling that you are used to, but think seriously-could you do it if you tried? But then again, don't take on something you know won't suit. You'd be wasting your time and lots of others. Always keep your options open and give something new a try.