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West End Show Work For Models

West End Shows

Who wouldn't want to show off in a West End Show? It doesn't necessarily mean you will be the star of the show, unless you are particularly talented in singing and dancing. It usually means show is already about to go into full swing and your model agency maybe contacted to provide models to help out in other areas of promoting the show itself. The directors often need beautiful people to stand outside to sell tickets or even act as an extra. There could be modelling jobs walking in as a character in the interval - in the foyer maybe. It could mean dressing up in the clothes connected with the characters on the stage. There are the jobs always needing attractive people to walk around with sandwich boards and to maybe dance if you're able. There could be modelling jobs for the marketing side of things, leaflets, and posters to sell the product - to sell the show itself.


To get any sort of work within the west end show business, it usually requires a model to be attached to an agency. To have had some sort of acting or voice over appearances would be a help. A casting director will want to see previous experience but not always. Your agent will assess your potential and put you forward if they feel it's right for you. Your agent will usually supply your details to all types of entertainment industry jobs if you're up to the job. It could mean attending weekly casting sessions and going through auditions regularly.


For west end shows, the prestige is there but also the hard work comes with it. Have a think before you accept as you could be needed for weeks, possibly months on end. It may well upset your modelling calendar and you need to be prepared to turn down other work if the West End show needs you for a while. It could mean two shows in a day - maybe three at weekends. It would take up a lot of your time and it could prevent you gaining other modelling jobs but if it's the direction you want to aim for - go for it.


To become an actress, singer or performer, as well as a model, is perfectly possible. It would require great dedication from you and you'd have to sort the details through your agent and be sure to juggle your schedule to fit it all in. Modelling is always something you can come back to, but a West End show has a specific slot and the work won't come along every day. Grab any opportunity with both hands, take the work that pleases you the most, even if it may not pay as well. But let's face it - to have that much talent and have good looks to boot, then the skies NOT the limit for you - it's the heavens above!