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Voice Over Work For Models


A model means to be versatile - to be able to multitask and be good at other things right? To be able to put themselves forward to explore other endeavours and possibilities within the circle of talent they live and work in. Voice overs are jobs very similar to acting but without a face or body being seen. It gives the chance for a model to not worry about what they are wearing, what state their skin or hair is in, not being fussed over by beauty and make up artists, not caring what you are wearing. You won't get shouted at by photographers to pose this way and that or be bossed around by casting directors. You can be your own boss, as long as you have the voice to help carry you into the job.

If you don't fit the bill for some modelling jobs, if you're too big, too short - you know the score - then consider voice overs as a choice of work. Nobody can see what shape, size or age you are and you can simply be yourself for the day, all the while getting your voice remembered and getting people questioning who's that girl? O or boy ? Do you have a sexy voice, a voice like chocolate or a particularly deep or unusual voice, then this could be another weapon in your modelling armoury. Perhaps you don't consider yourself to have the correct voice but have you been told by your friends or your model agent that maybe you do? People hear voices differently and you may not think yours is up to much, but other people may do.

It could be a job for voicing trailers or TV commercials, radio or film. It maybe for e -learning, technical and medical scripts, they all like, well spoken people who can read correctly because that is all it takes, not rocket science. You don't have to know anything about the subject you are voicing over, you will be briefed and you can easily learn. It could be a voice over job for corporate narration or educational material for schools. It may not all be glamorous, that's for sure, but it usually will be interesting and it could be something you really get into. It could be PA announcements, in vision presentations or commentary for live conferences. The jobs are endless - just let your agent know you're interested.

It's yet another addition to your CV and your modelling portfolio. It's another page for your book to show potential clients your potential and versatility. It's something you can fall back on if times get tough - a job for the future if you're no longer able to model for example. It's certainly something to look into, and always look after your voice as you would your hair, face and body. Voice over work is not as well paid as high end fashion modelling, but it is definitely easier and half the pressure so perhaps it is worth it after all?

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