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Types of Teen Modelling Jobs

Teen modelling jobs differ in style as your teenager gets older. As a younger teen there are strict rules and regulations about how many hours they can work if they are still in full time education. A licence is needed for them to model in the first place, check out our child licensing laws and read about the guidelines.

Once they are school leavers then they are classed as young adults and can take on a full-time job if they want to pursue modelling as a career. teen model jobs

There are lots of teen modelling jobs available and it all depends on how committed you and your child is for them to follow their dream. It could be modelling for the cover of a parenting magazine, or a teen magazine suitable for their peers. National TV advertising could be an option if they are lucky enough to gain the work. Young models are always wanted to promote in-store advertising such as posters or leaflets and this is quite a common theme for teenagers just starting out in the industry. It's a more laid-back sort of work in a controlled environment, in a photographic studio with beauty and hair stylists in control.

Of course there is always the option of catwalk and fashion modelling. This could be for the school fashion show, a local event or a charity runway affair. To start off low key is a great idea to get your teenager into the modelling vibe, but the older teens out there can take on the big league stuff and really get into their modelling stride.

Another option and a great way to ease into the stressful life of a model is to enquire through your model agency about the possibility of catalogue modelling. If you flick through the catalogues you have at home, teen models are everywhere. The beauty of the catalogue industry is if you can get your child fought in the door, then the companies involves generally like to keep the same faces throughout their four season publications so that means four times the work. Also online catalogues are a great way to get your teen model's face and name in the limelight.

Posters for buses and billboards, packaging for household products or medication suitable for teenagers is another way of exploring teen modelling jobs. And of course the biggest sector of all is the cosmetics industry and hair departments. They are crying out for new faces, teenagers suitable to model spot creams, hair products, nail varnish and make up .

There really is a wealth of modelling jobs out there and once you have registered with a model agency then hopefully the work will come rolling in.

How much will my teenager earn as a model?

If your child is still at school and under the school year of 11 then think about modelling simply as a hobby. It doesn't pay that well and of course your child's education has to come first.

The industry rate for a teen model rises on a sliding scale depending on their age. Baby models get approximately £40 - £50 an hour so ask your child model agent for the current pay rate for your own child. Depending on how much modelling your teenager goes, model agencies estimate even the most hard-working child could turn between £2000 to £4000 a year. This may not be a regular income of calls and teen modelling jobs can become sparse. Also remember the teenager's appearance changes so quickly and if they are going through puberty then their spots may hold them back. There is also never is promise of work, many children take much less home than this but they also need to balance their schoolwork don't forget.

teen model jobs
The rate of pay changes as they age but it always good to know what to expect. Also don't forget your model agent will expect to take 10-20% of the fee - whatever you have negotiated at the start of our arrangement.

Whatever they earn, it is a great amount to invest in your child's future and their education if they want to take it further.

When your teen has left school and the modelling is taking on a different turn then they are classed as a young adult and should get adult's wages. This can vary greatly from job to job and each job pays differently but this is the world of modelling and adults have to stand on their own two feet!