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TV Commerical Work For Models

modelling in TV commercials
For an owner of a business to spend serious money on advertising, TV commercials are the pinnacle of getting their product noticed. To pay out to get advertising out there at its best, they need the best to help them sell the product. They need somebody professional someone who looks the part, someone who can act and pretend to be somebody else, someone who can step into the shoes of her whoever they need them to be.  They obviously want to have a beautiful face or a stunningly unusual person to market it. That's where you come in.

It could be they want a plus size model to show off their clothing range or a 'real' person to sell household products. Maybe a company is in need of a teen model to highlight spot cream or a mature model to sell pensions. Think of Kate Moss and the makeup industry - a model and the product go hand in hand, but it may not be as glamorous as all that in reality. There certainly are a very diverse range of modelling jobs out there for everyone, some are a lot more glamorous than others. Be prepared to go for anything, and never turn down work if you can help it. Think of it as more photographs for your portfolio and nothing ventured is nothing gained.


We' ofve all seen the adverts on the telly so you know what's expected and what's needed - or do you? It's not as easy as you may think. For a start, to get into TV commercials ,you have to be picked by a casting director. This involves being pre selected usually, making the grade through your portfolio possibly or your agent putting you forward. If you get through then you will come face to face with a director and they may not be able to get across their point or the look they want to achieve. They may be used to working with someone closely over a few days and if you don't get on with them at first, it could be all over before it begins.


You need not to be fazed by different personalities within the TV commercial industry. If you have got through to the casting director then it means that you fit the bill so all you have to do is listen and try to understand the brief. This is a seriously big opportunity for you and could be the big break you need.


Be informed and do your research. Make you sure you know the brief before you attend the meeting. Be enthusiastic and try to take on board the job description - be wary about offering your opinion right there and then. There may be an opportunity to air your views at a later date but don't spoil your chances right there and then. Don't be initmidated but just listen - it's the best model advice we can give you. And good luck - we really hope you get the part.


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Impact Models and Casting
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