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Teen Models And Eating Disorders

Every model, no matter what age they are, thinks they are fat at some point in their career. One of the most stressful times in a person's life is when they enter adolescence and this is the time when you will begin to discover who you are, become more independent and establish new friendships as well as embarking on a part-time career, such as modelling. Your body will start developing and it will change at a different rate to your friends and if you are desperate to become a model, you may be considering trying to starve yourself because you think you are too big?
It is true, far high end fashion models, a certain height and weight and shape needs to be stuck to, but as a teenager, there are lots of different types of teen modelling jobs, which may be better suited for you. Plus size teen modelling is all about being slightly plumper, perhaps taller than other models and still you can get lots of work.teen modelling and eating disorders

Handling the pressures of school modelling, may want you to find something to help you cope, to concentrate on. Eating disorders can creep up on teen models so unexpectedly, but they can also have devastating effects which can last throughout your life. Anorexia nervosa and Bulimia are two of the most common eating disorders that teen models experience and they can seriously damage your health, hurt your insides and cause irreparable damage if it goes too far.

Is there a party you desperately want to go to, and you can't get into your favourite jeans? Perhaps you've considered not eating for the next three days? Sometimes short little bursts like these little fads will pass as soon as the party ends, and more often than not, the party won't be that great anyway! But if you are finding you are constantly worrying about your weight, looking at yourself in the mirror, and are considering yourself too fat even though the weighing scales say differently, then you may have a serious problem, and mental illness which is causing you to have an eating disorder.

Going through puberty can be very upsetting, especially if you're a teenager in the modelling industry and have been subjected to sexual advances from other models perhaps? You need to remember you are a very special person, and if somebody else tells you you're too fat, then that is their problem and not yours. Modelling at the moment is just a game, not to be taken seriously, but something that is a little bit of fun and which can help you earn a little bit of pocket money possibly on the side. There's a lot of time ahead of you to have any career you want to strive for, so enjoy your time growing up because it won't last that long and you'll find yourself in your mature modelling years in the blink of an eye. Don't diet for anyone else, and look after your body as it is changing and you are growing into a young woman or man.

There's lots of time ahead of you to be a model you want to be, and if you are having eating disorders at the moment then contact someone you trust such as a friend of the family, your parents, or better still, someone who is a professional like your doctor or your school counsellor. There is help out there for teen models with eating disorders we promise.