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Teen Modelling Portfolio

teen modelling portfolio

No model would make it very far without their own unique book and signature style. Your teen modelling portfolio as well as your Z card, is your business card and says a lot about you. It should showcase your looks and your talents, have close-up shots and full body poses included too. Your portfolio must stand out from all the rest and it has to take your breath away as well as your model agents. It is meant to shout to a potential casting director, or  company who wants to take you on. It should include your very best work, your signature pose and the different looks and styles you can pull off. to gain modelling jobs. It's so much easier and often essential that the photos in your portfolio reflects the best of you, the jobs you've been most proud of. To gain work means to have a portfolio and no matter which photographer you choose it has to be done to the best of their ability or this will reflect on you.

Your teen modelling book must be professional and sleek, only show off the best that you have got, and never put in anything substandard. Never use family snaps because these will work against you and make sure you have a minimum of one head shot and a full height shot, perhaps a lingerie or bikini shot to show everything is true to form and not hidden behind clothes. Most of all make sure they have been taken by a professional because it will certainly show through. If you don't look professional in your portfolio then first impressions can often mean the end of model's dream before it has even begun.

The purpose of your teen modelling portfolio is to show off your range of talent and skill and although many new teen models aren't expected to have a full book, the quicker you can compile one, the better it is for you. they should be built up over time, constantly updated, added and subtracted depending on the best shots you can acquire.
As you take on more model jobs you will build on what you have and collect more and more photographs from shoots. Many agencies offer portfolio services and you can have a bit of imput into it for sure. But take their advice as they know what they are doing. They will do what is right for you because you are their client and they have your best interests at heart always, and also, check with your parents for their advice, consulting friends and model peers is also a good idea for extra expert opinion.
If you can prove you have many strings to your model bow then this could open many new doors for you and it could get you future jobs. If you can show your strengths, consider contacting a professional modelling photographer and take the time to choose well. Without a portfolio model doesn't stand a chance in this really tough economic climate where model agencies aren't taking on many new faces. Your portfolio must stand out above everyone elses. It may cost a little at first but in the long-run it will pay off. A good teen modelling portfolio is worth the time and effort, so consider carefully and start building one up today.