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Teen Modelling As A Career


While you're at school, particularly year 10 and upwards, you will find your teachers are trying to get you to think about your career. While this is quite scary and you may think it is a long way off, it's good to start thinking about which direction you want your education to go in. It's so important to work hard at school of course, but it's also important to enjoy your time there as well, choosing subjects you want to do. Perhaps you have already done a little bit of modelling as a part-time thing, maybe at weekends or even had a go at a little bit of catwalk work at your local beauty pageant or  school fashion show perhaps? teen modelling as a career

 Well why not consider teen modelling as a career option? We'll warn you now, particularly for those who haven't done their GCSEs yet, your parents may be a little bit worried for you, especially if you come home suddenly deciding you want to take up modelling full-time, once your exams are over. It's understandable, and they have a right to be worried about you because they love you and because it can be a very dangerous industry to get into. If you haven't looked into all the dangers of teen modelling, which could have an impact on your life, then you won't be prepared for the traps some teenagers fall into. But if you can prove to them that you're serious, that you really would like a career as a teen model, then maybe they will be on your side.

If you can do your homework, your school home work of course, but also your home work reading up about modelling, then you may have their backing. If you can prove to them that not only are you serious, but that you are grown-up enough to take on the pressure, then you have got the best ally on your side that you could ever want. You're probably reading this and thinking you don't want your parents involved in your life,  that you want to be independent and make decisions by yourself are we right? Of course you do, you're a teenager and you are growing up so fast - this is perfectly natural. The facts remain though, that under the child licensing laws, you won't be able to undertake any modelling job while you're in full-time education, unless you're accompanied by either your parents, or a chaperone. So you see, you need your parents onside before you can even begin to take on any practical modelling.

The first thing to do is to find out about all the different types of teen modelling available to the budding poseur, that's you! Maybe you may want to get into acting work, for example, particularly if you are taking drama or music as one of your options maybe? If you can combine a career in acting, then modelling should come naturally to you if you have the ability. To be a model is to act, and a good model needs to be able to pretend they are somebody else, and so modelling can be an extra ability you can add to your CV. Teen acting could be right for you.

Maybe you could part time model whilst holding down another job? If you take on a career in something you have qualifications for, you could do modelling on the side and then you can have the best of both worlds. Now is the time to think about all the pros and cons and work out your personality traits to see his you have got the outgoing nature that you need to have to be a model. It's certainly not for the shy.

Read up about our teen model career tips and prove to your parents that you have done your research. We'll do the rest, and provide you with as much information and advice as we can to help you along the way, and of course fill out the form on the right of the page and we can send your details to our model advice company, La Mode London, who can help you with your image and offer their own professional opinion.