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Teen Modelling And Facebook

What better way than following your heart and furthering your career, than by combining two things that you love, modelling and face booking!

Never under estimate the power of social websites, for good but also sometimes, for bad. No doubt you have your own Facebook page, which you share random thoughts and feelings about your home and school life? It's fab to Facebook, to make new friends and have a laugh with old ones. But have you considered combining your teen modelling career and Facebook at the same time? teen modelling and facebook

The first thing you need to do as a model, once you've got some professionally made photographs of course, is to smack your teen modelling portfolio into as many people faces as you can! We don't mean that literally of course, but knowing you now need to do some work yourself and not simply relying on your model agent to do it all for you is all part of the game. Being a model mean showing off, and now you need to push your image to as many people as you can. This might sound a little bit daunting, but it's very easy and with the power of the Internet, it can all be done while you are sat at home messing about on your social networking sites.

Teen modelling and Facebook means pushing your profile to potentially hundreds of thousands of people, promoting your image and hopefully gaining new contacts, whilst staying safe of course. Only share images with trusted friends, and friends of friends, because you never know who is sat on the other side of some computers.

Our own Facebook page is dedicated entirely to readers of UK model agencies, to models who already have careers in the industry, but people just like you maybe, who haven't done any or much serious modelling before now. By uploading images to our Facebook page, you can be sure that it is only fellow models and friends of models who are viewing your images, but not only that, the beauty of our website means that professionals in the industry, such as talent scouts, could get in contact too.

The dangers of teen modelling means you need to be on guard at all times, and only share images that you know will be looked at by fellow models. By all means promote your images on your own Facebook page, amongst those you trust, but why not think about having your own Facebook page as a professional model and leave out all the trivia, the drunken nights out, perhaps images you may not want to have been tagged in? If you can keep a Facebook page dedicated to your image, stay looking professional at all times, this can act as a great platform to gain work from model agencies and companies who are looking for models with your particular style.

It's time to keep home and professional life separate and having a Facebook page, which will show images of you at your very best at all times, will give you an aura of professionalism, which is what modelling is all about.