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Suicide Warnings in Teen Models

Teenagers who are really severely depressed often think there is no point in them growing any older and may consider giving up their lives. They often think or speak, or make attention-getting attempts to suicide but alarmingly, it is getting increasingly popular that they succeed. Suicidal thoughts or behaviours should always be taken very seriously and never brush it under the carpet or belittle your teen model in any way. They are feeling at the very lowest, possibly the lowest ebb they have ever felt and having to deal with not only their schoolwork, the effects and hormonal changes of their body during through puberty, but also the pressures on them to succeed in their modelling and being surrounded by beautiful people, can really be devastating for even the most confident teen.suicide warnings in teen models

For the overwhelming majority of teen models who feel suicidal, depression or another psychological disorder plays a real part. In depressed teenagers who also abuse alcohol or drugs, the risk of suicide is even greater. Teenagers who are depressed should be watched closely for any signs of suicidal thoughts behaviour and here are some warning signs below to look out for.

Is your teen model talking or joking about committing suicide? Perhaps they are saying things like they want to end it all, that they'd be better off dead, or that there is no way out of their problems? Are they obsessed with death and speaking positively about it, perhaps romanticising about dying? Do they say that they will be loved more if they were dead or are they writing stories and poems about dying, or suicide or death?

With the growing popularity of vampire films due to the popular Twilight series, some teen models have the notion that living like the undead is a much more romantic version of life than being alive and these sorts of crazes and crushes, sessions on books and films can have a real impact is in making the depression even worse.

Have they started injuring themselves, self harming perhaps, or maybe engaging in reckless behaviour or having a lot of accidents resulting in injury? Have they given away prized possessions, or seeking out weapons or pills or other ways to kill themselves? Perhaps they have said unusually long or emotional goodbyes to friends and family, as if it is good?

Encourage the depressed teenagers to open up whenever you can and if you suspect a teenager in your life is suffering from depression, then speak up right away. Even if you're unsure that depression is the issue, the behaviours and emotions that you're seeing in your teen model are sure signs of a problem.

If you're a teen model yourself and you are feeling suicidal, then there are all sorts of people you can speak to. You need to remember that these feelings are temporary, but death is permanent. There could be a solution or help your problem tomorrow, and you won't ever know if you take matters into your own hands and end your life prematurely. Don't let suicidal thoughts get to you because you have your whole life ahead of you, whether you continue with your teen modelling or not. Life is precious and so are you, always remember that.