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Nancy Ramos Almeida

Nancy Ramos AlmeidaNancy Ramos AlmeidaNancy Ramos Almeida
Nancy Ramos Almeida Details:
Name: Nancy Almeida
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 02 May 1979
Height: 5' 7"
Hair Colour: Mix of dark and light brown
Eye Colour: Light Brown
Bust Size: 75B
Dress Size: 7/10 (UK)
Shoe Size: 5 (UK)
Why I became a model:
Apart from being very photogenic as I've been told I love the idea of dressing up standing in front of the camera to play a role. It's an amazing escape from reality!

Previous modelling experience:
Yes I've done some modeling back home in Sweden since the age of 15 as a commercial model. For Model Ink and Elite Model!

I am available for the following types of modelling work:

Advertising and Commercial Modelling
Art Modelling
Catalogue Modelling
Catwalk Modelling
Fashion Modelling
Editorial Modelling
Exhibition and Promotional Modelling
Glamour Modelling
Life Modelling
Look-a-Like Modelling
Mature Modelling
Plus Size Modelling
Pregnant Modelling
Speciality Modelling

Other Interests:

In my spare time I write songs, play tennis, dance, go for walks in the park, and make social dinners for close friends!


I have many as my inspiration as I am constantly looking for changes and upgrading. At the moment Beyonce is a great inspiration as she is a strong woman who manages to combine fame, marriage, and her career. As a woman its great to see that it can all be done andn luckily you won't have to choose!

Nancy Ramos AlmeidaNancy Ramos AlmeidaNancy Ramos Almeida