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Modelling Portfolio

A good modelling portfolio can give you a real boost in the industry and make it much easier to find work. In essence your modelling portfolio should be a collection of your best and most professionally produced photographs taken at a number of different shoots if possible. The purpose of your modelling portfolio is to communicate to a potential employer your range of skills and talents, and although many new models are not expected to have a full modelling portfolio the quicker you begin to compile one the better. As you undertake new work and collect more photographs from shoots then you should begin to build up a varied collection of photographs that will demonstrate to any employers exactly what you can do and it will make the interviewing process so much easier.

Your modelling portfolio (along with your Z-Cards) is your calling card. It should showcase you to any employers and it is something that many models overlook but in reality it is something worth spending a lot of time and effort over. For many this is one of the advantages of joining a model agency rather than going freelance, many offer modelling portfolio services and allow you to have varying degrees of input into your modelling portfolio. They will then pass your portfolio onto potential employers ensuring you have maximum exposure in the modelling industry. High quality modelling portfolios need not be physical copies either, many models are now opting for on-line and CD copies either as a replacement or in unison with a physical copy.

Your modelling portfolio must stand out! It must be breathtaking, it must shout out to a potential employer that you are able to undertake the task that they are seeking models for, and this is why many models aim to keep their modelling portfolio as diverse and varied as possible. Demonstrating you have many strings to your bow also has the potential advantage of opening many new doors to you, you may be called in for further future jobs if you can showcase your versatility. Whether you are a member of a model agency or you are freelance modelling you can rest assured that your modelling portfolio is one of the most important things you will ever need in your career. A good one is neither quick nor cheap to produce, but it can be worth its weight in gold!

If you are freelance modelling then you should take the time to build up your modelling portfolio now to avoid loosing out on jobs in the future. Take the time to build up a collection of your favourite shots from previous jobs, and if you feel you have more to offer that you have not yet been able to showcase then work with a photographer to build up your portfolio and generate more photographs that you can use to demonstrate your talents. Treat your modelling portfolio with love and devotion and it will return the favour and land you some of the best jobs available. Make yourself stand out from the competition!