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Modelling Jobs In London

model in london

The place to be seen for any model is on the catwalks in our glorious capital city. So many supermodels have been discovered and gone on to work nationally and internationally, but they were spotted in London first. The majority of the top Modelling Jobs we advertise are situated here because they come up so often. It is the place to be seen and it has never been a better time for an aspiring model to get noticed. With the Olympics setting the pace, London is definitely on the map before all things cultural and sporting, but it is quintessentially English and this is what a lot of international designers love about this place so much.

The very elite shows take place in London and there are over 100 model agencies here for that very reason. From top fashion shows and lucrative modelling jobs, to the new looks and styles that our designers envisage, the catwalks are always the busiest in London. It's the place to be and the city to get you noticed. If you live near or can commute to London then the better it will make you stand out. A lot of casting calls come up so quickly that models need to be on the ball and be able to get to London very quickly. It's expensive to live in London but once the jobs start rolling in, it will certainly be worth the expense.

Modelling in this glorious capital of ours will be exciting, but it you're a teen model, take your parents or a chaperone. We can't stress this enough. Look after yourselves and tread carefully. If you're unsure, check out our expert modelling advice. The bright lights are always tempting, and of course the grass seems greener, but modelling in London is not for the young and inexperienced unless they have somebody older with them to help you make the most out of your trip.

To travel to the capital isn't cheap either but it's worth every penny to pursue your dream. Seek out the location first, scout around for overnight accommodation if it's a late shoot. Always try and stay over if you can, before and afterwards and you will ensure you are looking your best at all times. Plan ahead and work out how long it will take you to get through the busy streets of London because it may seem a short journey when you look on the map but in reality the traffic is always gridlocked. It's certainly a new experience to work in and around London, but once you get used to the pace you will never want to work anywhere else.

 Never travel to this huge city alone, and suss out the Modelling jobs before you start. Ring the number and ensure you speak to a person. Never go on just a whim. The world of modelling is fraught with potential danger. Cowboys and conmen are lurking in corners from all over the country. Check out the credentials of any potential agency job, but even more crucial if you're freelance. Always make sure you have considered the dangers but the best thing we could advise is to sign with a model agent and they can do this for you.

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