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Mature Modelling Portfolios

mature modelling portfolios

Mature modelling portfolios are extremely important and a definite must to have. They're as important as your Z card, the business card, which highlights your potential. A model's portfolio shows off who you can be and what you are. It's necessary to show your versatility, so attain photographs as you go along. Try out different types of work and your portfolio will show you care, highlight your assets and promote your credentials.


Breaking into the modelling industry certainly isn't easy, but study our beauty tips for models and pep up your appearance. Always look your best and work should start flowing in. There are lots of photographers to find, the experts in their craft, the art of bringing out the best in you at a photo shoot and transforming your photographs into something special. They are certainly the best place to start, know what they are doing for sure. This is certainly the best place to start. Never consider using family snaps or unprofessional photographs in your 'book.' Your portfolio is the item that sells you from the start. If it looks unprofessional then this will count against you so make this your priority at once.


Communicating to a potential employer means showing out your range of skills and talents. Although many new models aren't expected to have a full portfolio, it is expected that you will have made a start. To be honest though this will count against you so try your hardest to make an effort to get one made up professionally as soon as you can.


Ironically, even though you are new to the industry, a mature model has pressure to show they have the skill. The good portfolio will give you a real boost within the industry and make it so much easier to find you work. Particularly if you have decided to do freelance work with not much experience, then the pressure is on you to push yourself.

Your mature modelling portfolio, along with your Z cards should showcase to any employers you are worth taking on. It is so worth spending time and effort over, and having a high-quality book doesn't necessarily mean it has to be on paper. With the age and era we are in, the Internet and online services mean high-quality portfolios are abound at the click of a mouse and in no time at all!

Read our sections about z cards and portfolios and you should get some ideas. But don't just take our word for it - go look and do your research on the internet, challenge yourself to look at other model's books and compare and contrast at will. A portfolio, no matter how old or experienced you are is the utmost important thing a model possesses. It's your calling card and it's the first thing a potential employer or model agent will want to see before anything else. It shouldn't have to cost a fortune, but try to choose a photographer wisely and get the most out of your money that you can.