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Mature Modelling Jobs

mature modelling jobs
Mature modelling jobs come up every day. There are so many products and businesses who need older models to sell their wares. Consider your style and know what you're equipped with. Regard your looks, your weight or your height and have a think about all the different types of model work you could do. Don't be put off about your age, there is always work for experienced models and sometimes age and experience can really help you find work, not stop you. Clients don't always want the very young, and age be very important.


Freelance work is all about getting out there and promoting yourself, not relying on model agents and finding work yourself. Perhaps in your past you have had a career as a salesperson - then this is a perfect way for you to push yourself again. You have to be brave and self promote because work won't find you, you have to find it yourself.  If you feel nervous or shy about pushing yourself forward, then seriously consider joining a model agency. They are the professionals who will find you the work and point you in the right direction. It's their job to help you reach the heights you want to go but you will still have to gain confidence to get anywhere in the industry.


Once you know where you want to go and can be brave and decide to take the plunge  then explore the possibilities. There are clothing ranges, sports goods and skin care, hair products and make up who need people like you too. There is television work, strutting the catwalks and showing off lifestyle work in an editorial way. Model agencies need older models all the time, so never think you are ever washed up. Age IS important in the modelling world and sometimes the older the better, which makes a refreshing change!

Model agents will find you jobs to suit your needs. If you have the portfolio that does you justice and Z cards to show off your different styles, then you are well on your way to securing lots of jobs we're sure. Choose pictures which will show you to the best of your advantage, show you looking great. It is so important your portfolio is up to date and don't fill it with older pictures, photos of you as a younger model. It has to be true to you now, because you will be found out, no matter how good you look for your age.

Whether you are considering taking up modelling as a career, or just trying to find some extra money part time, modelling is great fun. You will certainly meet new friends along the way and have a ball we guarantee. Being older means you are also wise, perhaps have the experience to cope with situations better than you did as a younger model. If you are new to the industry then your age and confidence should stand you in good stead to gain work. You probably know that confidence is key and if you suffer from nerves forget them and simply enjoy the show.