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Mature Modelling


Mature models

What is a Mature Model?  At UK Model Agencies , age IS important! If you’re 30 and over, we can find a job that’s right for you. If you’re a bachelor or a working mum, a middle aged dad or a groovy grandma -we need you all. To strut your stuff in style, we have the subtle and the sophisticated, the confident and the glamorous. Mature Models in all shapes and sizes, Models to suit your mood, Models to suit your product.

Like a fine expensive wine, Mature Modelling is about subtlety and sophistication, about maturity and mellowed perfection. Mature Models are in one’s prime, seasoned and experienced. Are you still bubbly with some fizz? Then UK Model Agencies are here to celebrate your style ladies and to harness that mature male, a double malt only gets better with age after all. Middle Age to Full Maturity – you’re never too old to Model.

 Age is most definitely not an issue and very much in fashion. With more and more Mature Models throwing out the hair dye – embrace those milestones and strut your stuff.  Men and women of a certain age are in demand and we should know!   UK Model Agencies celebrate all sizes and all ages.  For the seniority and the charismatic, your middle years to your full maturity  – let our Mature Modelling Department showcase your glamour to its full potential.

Want advice on how to become a Mature ModelModel Advice is our speciality.  We’re here to help in any way we can. Wanting a Mature Modelling Career and don’t know where to start?  Then look no further, we have Model Agencies galore at the click of a button. Don’t be shy - flaunt it fashionably - the Modelling Industry is crying out for you – often age is irrelevant. For the older generation, shine like the Models you were meant to be- take the plunge and UK Model Agencies will spotlight your talent. Click on our sub categories dedicated To Become A Mature Model and Read up about Mature Modelling.

Want to see how easy it is to become a Model? Move your career forward with us and send in your photos- getting involved in the Mature Modelling Industry has never been easier. Whatever your age, size or age, we will pass on your details to the best in the business. They’ll advise you further and their Model Advice is second to none.

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Mature Modelling is attractive to many men and women throughout the world, and is often the home for people who were involved in the world of modelling years ago and who are now mature and have found a corner of the market that is perfect for them. There is quite a demand for mature models thanks to the huge variety of opportunities that are open to the mature lady or gentleman. There is also no age limit, and from the age for 35 plus there is true potential for the aspiring model. Many photographers also love the opportunity to work with the vairety that can be offered in mature modelling.

Catalogue Modelling is a key area of work for a mature model. Not only do most fashion catalogues include a selection of items for the older members of society but there are now also a huge range of catalogues that are aimed just at the 40 plus sector. This has led to an increase in demand for attractive older models of both genders. The requirements for mature modelling are certainly not as strict as Catwalk and Fashion modelling, but good health and an attractive appearance are a must. There are also opportunities in Catwalk and Fashion Modelling, with many events being held to promote over 40 clothing up and down the country. Both these finds of modelling pay well and are perfect for the older person.

There are of course always opening for the mature model in fields such as Advertising and Commercial Modelling and even Life Modelling. These areas are always searching for models that present the perfect image that they require and this is not always met by the fresh faced, younger models on the fashion scene. Mature models are also needed for Plus size Modelling, which offers many possibilities. Despite the image that the model industry has of being only for the young and hip there is certainly a huge range of roles for all kinds of people.