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Male Plus Size Models

male plus size models

Male Plus Size models are all the rage and male plus size modelling is seriously big business. There are so few of you that you could take your pick. It's the least populated male model jobs out there but there are always products and businesses who need plus size male models. You may not be required to show off your Plus Size Modelling body, but you could find work easily for your hands, or modelling footwear. There are jobs in stock photography, maybe you could model sunglasses or hats?

Modelling house hold and pharmaceutical products for real men and women are always in demand. Being larger is not necessarily about just wearing clothes either, so you see, there’s something out there for everyone and we can help you find it. Our advice is second to none. It is the genre where they are jobs galore but not a lot who can fit the bill. It should be a case of agencies being full to bursting with male models on their books - but they aren't and so model agencies need you now.

Every modelling superstar needs a few basic qualities but the main thing is to have good health and be relatively fit - stamina is key on some of the more demanding plus size male modelling assignments. You don’t need bulging muscles but you don’t need to be all flab either! You definitely need to be confident, organised and responsible. Be professional and be polite, and always turn up on time. If you’re late, word soon spreads about and Agencies talk to each other. Be prepared to drop everything if that all important phone call comes through. Be truthful and honest, never lie about your measurements or your age or your height.

Weight and height can determine the type of model you wish to be, with most Male Models, there are lots of jobs to choose from, lots of Plus Model Agencies who want you to themselves. Believe in us and believe in yourself- there are more jobs than male plus size models out there, so come on - sign up with us and receive all the vital tailor made model advice from our partners, La Mode. It's never too late to get into modelling and as the industry changes then so does the need for different types of models, more realistic models to promote real goods for the general public.