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Jade Moore

Jade MooreJade MooreJade Moore
Jade Moore Details:
Name: Jade Moore
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 21 Jul 1994
Height: 5' 6"
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Bust Size: 37"
Waist Size: 30"
Dress Size: 12-14 (UK)
Shoe Size: 6 (UK)
Inside Leg: 29"
Why I became a model:
I want to be a model because I believe I have great potential in this industry. I love fashion and the whole experience of attending a shoot, being given great directions on what to improve on, so I can only get better in time. Also I love the process of going through hair and make-up because it makes me look and feel amazing. I want to enlighten others with the thought that no matter what race, size or individual look anyone has - they can still make it!

I am available for the following types of modelling work:

Advertising and Commercial Modelling
Catalogue Modelling
Fashion Modelling
Life Modelling
Plus Size Modelling

Other Interests:

I love performing whether it be on the stage or in front of a huge camera crew! My favourite hobby is dancing. I enjoy acting and I love my new found hobby modelling. I also enjoy shopping and socialising. In my spare time I like to be creative with art. Finally I love baking cakes and sweet treats for my family and friends.


Emma Watson because she started off at an audition for Harry Potter and from then she has been very successful; from numerous films, television adaptations and modelling for Burberry.

Jade MooreJade MooreJade Moore