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Is Your Child Suitable For Teen Modelling?

is your child made for modellingIn your heart of hearts, do you really think your child has the makings of a model? Of course you think your child is beautiful, stunning and gorgeous and they most probably are, but will be industry think the same do you think? Is the modelling dream yours or theirs -be honest with yourself. A pushy parent can be spotted a mile away and every casting director of photographer's nightmare is a parent who is bossy and interferes in teenage model's performance.

Ultimately, your teenager will resent you in the long run if you are pushing them too hard. Only you know your child well enough to see the signs and you have to ask yourself is it something they would enjoy, something that would benefit their personality and something that would enhance their life as it is at this moment in time? Try not to think about this as a long-term thing because as you know already, children tend to change their minds quite quickly. If they have already showed an interest and have approached you then all the better. If they are enthusiastic and motivated and you really think they have the potential then now is the time not to be negative and look into all the possibilities alongside them.

It is so important you actually get on with your child. If you don't and you are always at loggerheads then things will only get worse. The fact is, you need to be with them all the time and they have to get used to that idea. They will no doubt think they are adults and don't need you to do anything anymore but they do if they are still in full time education. Your relationship with your child can only get stronger and the bond between you get tighter if you look into modelling together, and try and reign in their enthusiasm and balancing your own reservations.

It can be delicate negotiating with a teenager at the best of times, but this is something they are passion to do and as a parent, yes of course you will be wary but it is also your job to take control and help them seek all the answers they may not have thought of asking.

The great way to see if your child has model potential is to know their background at school. If they are particularly good at taking direction, have an interest in the creative side of life such as art lessons, if they play a musical instrument or if they sing or if they like drama, for example. If they are outgoing and have got plenty of friends, confident and take care of their appearance then they most certainly have the qualities to make it as a model if they have the looks to back them up. Perhaps if you have a good relationship with the school, you can go in and talk to their teachers about it if you are still unsure. After all, they probably see your child more than you do and get to see them performing outside of the home environment.

Also, think about where your teenager is in their educational life at the moment. Are they about to have to revise for major exams, for example? If so, then you may have to be strict and totally discourage them as school has to come first even if they don't think it does. This can be extremely tricky but we know you have their interests at heart and one day they will thank you for it, honestly, they will. If now is not the best time then perhaps another year and if they still feel the same then this could be a great time to go for it.