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Modelling Work In Film

modelling in film

Modelling in film work is a job in a million. To have your face recognised as an extra or supporting artist is one thing, but just think if you get your name on the credits - how fantastic would that be? To be a model means to be good at acting, especially if you want to make it big in the modelling circuit. Putting on make up and wearing different clothes, if you think about it -it is simply another form of acting. If you can do that then working as an extra on a film could be a doddle. Have a think and see if this is the road you would like to go down, because it certainly is another string to your bow and a definite asset to put on your CV. Also, think about the photographs you could show off on your portfolio and your Z card? To be a model is to be versatile and what could show off your assets better than being able to boast you were on a film set, alongside a famous actor or actress or two!


You could be an aspiring actor who has chosen modelling as a first step, the first rung on the ladder maybe. It's certainly a way to go and gain you the much needed experience within the hustle and bustle of modelling life. You'll be used to curtain calls, dropping everything when asked, rushing here and there. Acting on film work is just the same. You will still have to be made up to the nines - have to be another person for a day - act a part within a set. It's so like the work you're used to already and casting directors get that - they want someone with the experience and knowledge of how things work. They need hard workers and models who are used to pressure.


A film producer or director doesn't need a shy butterfly, they want models with guts and attitude - not too much, just enough to for them to know if they give you a part, you can be relied upon to do it. The part they have in mind for you will obviously mean looking good in front of the camera. This you can do - no problemo. It could be a part where you're a bystander or a film extra but it could also mean you could be a future star.


It could also involve playing the part of a model - maybe a film about the modelling world -even better. You get paid to do two jobs in one! It will be a doddle to you as you this type of thing every day, so if you've got the time between jobs then factor it in. Get your name put forward with your model agent of if you're a freelance model then sort it yourself. It's exciting and it's diversifying - another asset to your growing armour within the modelling industry. Modelling work in film is guaranteed to get you noticed.


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