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Dealing With Depression

So you're taking on extra work, modelling jobs as well as trying to balance school work and exams, who wouldn't be depressed at some point or other? Feeling low is all part of growing up and even when your hormones have actually stopped raging, and they will, don't worry, this is just a passing phase, it can still affect you throughout your modelling life. But are you actually depressed do you think? dealing with depression

Maybe your boyfriend or girlfriend has recently dumped you, or perhaps school work is getting too tough? Have you been rejected a lot recently modelling jobs you really wanted to get your hands on? This can just make you frustrated and sad of course, but if you are feeling low an awful lot, and are considering taking drugs or perhaps turning to alcohol to forget what is making you sad, then this could be a sign of depression, which is serious.

Depression in teen models differ from person to person and dealing with it is a challenge but everyone will experience depression at some time in their life, it's just that for some people it's harder to get over. Symptoms of depression can be loss of appetite, loss of weight, falling out with your friends and generally biting their heads off. It can mean feeling like you don't want to go one any more. Having suicidal thoughts is quite common for any teenager, and as a model you will be subject to a lot of harsh criticism, direct attacks on your appearance. It's what modelling is all about we're afraid and you need to develop a thick skin to cope with some nasty comments which may come your way.

Maybe you think you want to cut yourself, self harm - well you mustn't do that because it can cause a number of problems for you in later life and once the scar is there it is so hard to get rid of and could affect your teen modelling career no end. It upsets your family and friends who care about you and it's a very selfish thing to do. Remember whenever you are down, you are never alone. And there's always somebody you can trust and talk to such as family, friends, teachers at school. If you are still in education that there will be counsellors who can help you get over the feelings you are experiencing.

Never turn to other substances which can damage your body and also affect your looks. Drinking alcohol to excess can not only affect your judgement, but put you in danger within the modelling industry, because not all people are who they say they are you know. If you drink too much, you could injure yourselves or get into trouble with the police. Taking drugs is just as bad and your reputation will be made by the way you act and if you are under the influence, you won't be acting like yourself at all.

There is help out there are any teen model, fill out our form and send in your details and we can pass you want to our model advice company who have seen all sorts of teen models with depression. You're not alone, and never think that you are. There is always someone out there who wants to help.