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Childrens TV Work


Is your child really enjoying their modelling? Are they coping with the pressure and still wanting more? If they're outgoing and have expressed an interest in taking their acting abilities further then have you considered them trying out a little extra work? This could mean TV or film work, behind the scenes or in front of the camera maybe. There are some great opportunities to help your child go that little bit further, as long as they are up to the task. Never push too much and always be sure your child can balance their modelling or acting with schoolwork, because that has to be your first priority and theirs. Read up about the child licensing laws and make sure you have your child covered before taking on any extra work for your child. Always agree with your child's school beforehand as well to save getting in hot water.

Children's extra work could range from all sorts of TV appearances in conjunction with their modelling. As their profile is raised in the modelling spotlight, they could be spotted by a talent scout but it could be up to you as parents to push gently if you feel modelling is not enough or not the right thing for your child or teen.

If your youngster is signed with a model agency then make it known to them that you and your offspring are happy to do extra work - within reason. Obviously school comes first but it could mean work in the school holidays as an extra on a TV show or film, or maybe in the audience of a children's TV show. If your child is outgoing and relishes being in front of the camera then what's the harm in letting them express themselves in another way?
To be the lead in the school play is one thing, but to actually be able to boast to your school friends that you're a TV star - albeit a small one - is a thing that they will cherish forever. It's a truly fantastic thing to appear on their CV when they get older, when the modelling may have waned and they decide they want to be a doctor or a brain surgeon! It's all strings to their bow and a valuable contribution to their future.

It's also a great way to add an extra skill, a wonderful boost to the child's confidence as well as helping them mingle with other children their own age. if your child is at all shy then children's TV work will simply seems like an afternoon in the playground. It will help them make new friends but most of all add to their enjoyment. Children who can act are basically an extension of what they have already been doing with their modelling work. They probably really enjoyed posing and showing off and children's TV work is doing the same sort of thing when they are younger. Older children really any benefit because it could be the beginning of a brand new career.

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