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Being A TV Extra

adults extra work

So you've got a break between modelling jobs - it's the luck of the draw, you know this by now. To be a model is a lot like being an actor. You both have to wait for the phone to ring or the email to ding! It's about waiting for the next location, the buzz, the apprehension and the disappointment of the lack of news. To be in model TV work is one idea to boost your time in the limelight - you could become a background support artist - an extra - on film or TV. It wouldn't take much effort and not much time. It could be a job needed just for a few hours but you're used to that right?

An extra in TV or Film is to be an extraordinary person. It's a person interested in television or film but there are many more motivations in this for gaining work as an Extra. There's the chance of celebrity fame - of just being able to watch a film or TV show where you know you're going to appear - stun your family and friends but always set record!

It's also not a bad days work with equity pay, about nine hours work, £65. If you're lucky to get on the BBC show it could be considerably more. Cable and Satellite may pay you more but be warned it could mean unsociable hours and overtime, or night or bank holiday, weekend work.

You may have to be able to perform even more than you're capable of - maybe having to horse ride, ice skate, play football or some other sport. You may have to re style your hair or have it cut short so beware of any knock on effects to your modelling career. You could be the new stunts person - but don't be alarmed. This could mean lying down in a hospital bed! This is classed as a stunt and could pay you more - how good is that? Extra work for adult models is all about pushing yourself but the gains speak for themselves.

It's also a change of scenery, something a little bit different to the work you're normally used to. Some models love it so much they decide to take it further, get acting lessons and really make a go of a new career. If you think of all the actors who have started off as models you'll understand how easy it can be if you have the talent and potential to act. To be able to add it onto your modelling portfolio is a great addition to show off your versatility, your ability to do more than just model clothing. It adds your personality to your face, a persona which can get you future work.

Why not combine the two and act as well as model?  If you can juggle your timetable there is really nothing to stop you. Its a complimentary profession which works well hand in hand with your modelling.


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